High Arched Master

Designed with the convenience of truckers and extra large vehicle owners/operators in mind. The side carports are open fronted. The port nearest the main structure features a 2½ story high clearing for parking semi rigs and other large vehicles.

Inside, the first floor, has open and large living spaces. Entertaining on off weekends is easy in this spacious area that includes a kitchen, a dining room, a bathroom, and a huge living room.

The second floor has two guest bedrooms that open onto a shared balcony. A shared bathroom has a separate lavatory room.

The third floor is entirely a master suite, complete with private balcony. A large bedroom, large bathroom, and roomy closets in a location meant to provide exactly as much privacy as desired.

Overhead View

Outside 3 - Front Yard

Outside 1- Front Yard

Outside 2 - Backyard

Cutaway View 3

Cutaway View 2

Cutaway View 1

Garage 3a

Garage 1

Garage 3

Garage 1a 

Garage 2

Garage 4

Living Room 3

Living Room 2

Living Room 1

Dining Room 1

Dining Room 2

Kitchen 1

Hallway 1 - 2nd Floor

Hallway 3 - 2nd Floor

Balcony 1

Balcony 3

Balcony 2  

Bedroom A 1

Bedroom A 2

Bedroom B 1

Bedroom B 2            

Bathroom 1

Hallway 2 - 2nd Floor     

Master Bedroom 1

Master Bedroom 2

Master Bathroom 1

Master Bathroom 2  

Private Balcony 1a

Private Balcony 3

Private Balcony 1

Private Balcony 2

Private Balcony 3a

Outside 1- Front Yard 2 

Overhead View - Night

Outside 3 - Front Yard 2

Outside 2 - Backyard 2

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