High Horse

Designed for my friends and sister of equestrian influence. The idea is to (I feel successfully) combine a home with a stable into one structure. The addition of air scrubbers, similar to those used on submarines, should prevent excess methane buildup inside of the Human-inhabited living spaces (as long as the windows are not opened too often).

Naturally, the lower level of this structure is a horse stable with eight stalls, a tack room, a feed room, a wash area along the exterior wall, and an enclosed stairwell (perfect location for air scrubbers).

On the “first” floor above the stable, a large living/dining/kitchen space features slanted bay windows for a great view of the countryside. Two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a laundry closet complete the back. Accessible through the living room a lower deck overlooking the property also offers an alternative access to the large “second” floor deck.

The deck and the stairwell both lead to a generous master suite. A large closet, and a master bath with spa tub offer privacy and relaxation after a long day of horse tending.

The combination of solar panels and a unilateral wind generator behind the house augment the power demands of the structures needed to care for the animals.

Overhead View - Full Lot

Overhead View - Close Up

Exterior - Gate

Exterior - Front Yard

Exterior - Front Fence

Exterior - Show Pin

Exterior - Horse Wash Station

Exterior - Backyard

Exterior - Hay Barn 1

Overhead View - Cutaway 3

Overhead View - Cutaway 2

Overhead View - Cutaway 1

Overhead View - Cutaway 2a

Overhead View - Cutaway 1a

Hay Barn 2

Hay Barn 3

Hay Barn 4

Hay Barn 5 A

Hay Barn 5

Hay Barn 6

Hay Barn 6a

Garage 1

Horse Stable 2

Tack Room 2

Feed Room 1

Horse Stable 1

Horse Stable 3

Horse Stable 4

Stairwell 2

Living Room 3

Living Room 2

Living Room 1

Living Room 4

Kitchen 2

Kitchen 1

Guest Bathroom

Guest Water Closet

Bedroom 2 

Stairwell 1

Stairwell 3

Master Bedroom 1

Master Bedroom 2

Master Bathroom 1

Master Bathroom 2

Exterior - Deck - Upper 2

Exterior - Deck - Upper 1

Exterior - Deck - Lower 2

Exterior - Deck - Lower 1

Exterior - Deck - Upper 2 - After Dark

Exterior - Deck - Upper 1 - After Dark

Exterior - Deck - Lower 2 - After Dark

Exterior - Deck - Lower 1 - After Dark

Exterior - Gate - After Dark

Exterior - Front Yard - After Dark         

Exterior - Front Fence - After Dark       

Exterior - Show Pin - After Dark 

Exterior - Backyard - After Dark

Overhead View - Close Up - After Dark

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