Architectural Office (Conceptual)

Designed as primarily a 1½ story structure. The leftover of the second story is meant to be outdoor areas largely meant for entertaining potential clientele, and for employee breaks in the interim.

On the lower level, a lobby leads to all essential areas. A production floor to one side of the lobby, and a presentation conference room to the other. A restroom and break room behind it, and raw materials storage area behind that, as well as general closet space. Large panoramic window arrangements in the conference and production areas offer inspiring and mind calming views.

The upper interior areas are very basic and functional. A walkway balcony overlooks the lobby, and behind it, a large hard copy storage space offers enough room for modern computer servers, and a review desk for plats and plan.

The decks at either end are perfect for entertaining potential clientele near the work space to show off productivity.


Front View 2

Front View 1

Rear View 

Overhead - Cutaway 1

Overhead - Cutaway 2

Overhead - Cutaway 3


Conference Room

Break Room

Overhead - After Dark

Front View 2- After Dark

Front View 1 - After Dark

Rear View - After Dark

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