Le Magasin de Métier (Conceptual)

Designed for to be a new age store for friends. The largest area of the store is designed to be a product retail floor. Only about a fifth of the structure is meant to be storage for other receiving products. (Why would most of your products be out of the public view if your goal to sell them?)

The back of the structure includes a small consultation room, and an employee break room and bathroom. Off to the side is an outdoor, but covered, customer relaxation area. It’s attached to the store so that they can congregate without leaving the store.

An alternative version of this design excludes the small refreshment stand attached to the external meeting area.

 Exterior - Overhead

Exterior - Parking Lot

Exterior - Rear View

Exterior - Picnic Area 2

Exterior - Picnic Area 1

1 - -Front Door-

2 - Display Area

3 - Back of Shop

7 - Snack Kitchen

9 - Snack Kitchen

8 - Snack Kitchen


Exterior - Rear View - After Dark

Exterior - Parking Lot - After Dark 

Exterior - Picnic Area 2 - After Dark

Exterior - Picnic Area 3

Exterior - Picnic Area 1 - After Dark

Le Magasin de Métier - Cutaway

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