After Hurricane Katrina, building regulations in the Greater New Orleans area were drastically modified. Subsequently, I began to make a series of designs based on increased living area heights. I figured that with the extra space below that, carports and utility space could be kept at base levels while all living space areas could be simply set on top of that.

This is a first design attempt. You will notice two-single car garages below with a large “front porch” area directly below the house.

The upper area is an entire house raise above the parking area. On one side three bedrooms, including a master bedroom with a private bathroom.

On the other side a Dining room, kitchen, and a guest bathroom. A series of closets and pantries augment this area.

In the middle, a large living room space with windows at both ends. A back raised balcony with a stairwell leading back down the garage level.


3D View - Outside, View 1

3D View - Outside, View 2

{3D} 2

{3D} 3   

3D View - Outside, View 3

3D View - Outside, View 2a 

3D View 20 - Living Room, View 1

3D View 21 - Kitchen, View 1

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