After Hurricane Katrina, building regulations in the Greater New Orleans area were drastically modified. Subsequently, I began to make a series of designs based on increased living area heights. I figured that with the extra space below that, carports and utility space could be kept at base levels while all living space areas could be simply set on top of that.

This is a fourth design attempt. In addition to new building regulations, this design was attempt to fit an entire functional house onto one of the many, many exceedingly thin lots sizes that permeate Greater New Orleans real estate.

The bottom level is only an open carport, and a utility/laundry room, and the bottom of a three story stairwell.

On the second level, a living room, kitchen, dining area, and balcony for entertaining company and general living needs.

The third level is all personal living space. Three bedrooms, and a shared bathroom line the hallway along one side of the structure. A master bedroom with a three-sided view sits at the front of the house.




Exterior - Front 1 - DayExterior - Front 1b

Stairwell - Ground Level 1



Balcony 1

Bathroom 1Bathroom 2Bedroom 1 - View 1Bedroom 2 - View 1Carport 1Carport 2
Kitchen 1
Kitchen 2Living Room 1Living Room 2Master Bedroom 1Master Bedroom 2
Stairwell - Ground Level 2
Upper Bathroom 1Upper Bathroom 2Upper Hallway 1Upper Hallway 2Utility Room 1Utility Room 2

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