This is a design in a short series meant to vaguely mimic astrological signs. This one mimcing my own. On one side is the large living room, and above that a master bedroom with a private bathroom and forward balcony.

On the other side, on the first floor, a kitchen, dining room and guest half-bath. Above that is two guest rooms and a guest bathroom.

All bedrooms are designed with near-apex ceilings, and ceiling fans.

Between these sections are two ornate hallways with deck and balcony access.

 Outside, View 1.0

3D View 1

3D View 1--Outside, View 2

Outside, View 2.0 

3D View 11--Living Room, View 1

3D View 12--Kitchen, View 1

3D View 10--Foyer

3D View 20-Hallway, View 2  

3D View 21--Master Bedroom, View 1

3D View 22--Master Bathroom, View 1

3D View 22--Master Bedroom, View 2

3D View 23--Bedroom 1, View 1

3D View 24--Bedroom 2, View 1

3D View 25--Bathroom, View 1 

Outside, View 1.1

3D View 1--Outside, View 2.1

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