Another addition to my cheap-but-stylish series.

The front living room has an open wall along one side leading to a dining area next to a decently sized kitchen area.

Into the back of the house, one bedroom on either side is augments by a shared bathroom and a utility/laundry room. Through the utility room is access to a small raised porch.

 Outside, Overhead View 1

Front Yard, View 1

3D View 1--Outside, View 2

Outside, Cutaway View 3.0

Outside, Cutaway View 3.1

3D View 10--Living Room-Kitchen, View 1

3D View 13--Kitchen, View 1

3D View 11--Hallway, View 1

3D View 12--Bathroom, View 1     

Outside, Overhead View 2

3D View 1--Outside, View 1

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