Cherie 1

Designed to be a low-budget design that maximizes spatial orientation. Distinctly, one will notice a lack of hallways. However, the 1,300 square feet of living space includes all of the basic amenities. Three bedrooms, a generously sized bathroom, a utility/laundry room, and a kitchen/dining room. All of this is coordinated through a sizeable living room hub.

On the side, just beyond the kitchen, the rear roof, intentionally overhangs a side porch that leads to the open driveway. While on the front, an equally humble porch provides the main entrance.

Outside, Overhead View 1

Outside, Front View 1

Outside, Rear View 1


Outside, Overhead View 2 




(Cherie) Living Room, View 1

(Cherie) Kitchen, View 1

Bathroom, View 1

Outside, Front View 3

Outside, Front View 2

Outside, Rear View 2

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