Designed as purely an artistic design, this one has attracted a lot of attention. The levels have been intentionally offset angularly from the level below it.

The first level is, naturally, the public living space. A large living room with lots of windows for light. On back, a dining room adjacent to a small half-bathroom. Beyond that, a kitchen with a generous amount of floor space. A two-car garage is off to one side and a versatile porch to the other. At the rear of the house, a wide spiral stairwell offers a common access point to each level.

On the second level is two bedrooms and full shared bathroom. Lots of closet space and access to a second story deck are also present.

The third floor is a master suite. A bedroom offers a panoramic view. A large bathroom with a water closet and separate sinks is conveniently located, as is a private deck/balcony. In addition, an small room offers and optional den to this level.


Front Yard - View 2

Garage Exterior

Garage - View 1

Backyard - View 1

Patio- View 1




Living Room - View 1

Living Room - View 2

Coat Closet

Half-Bath Door

Dining Room - View 1

Kitchen - View 1

Kitchen - View 2

Stairwell - View 2    

Hallway L2 - View 1

Bedroom 2 - View 1

Bedroom 2 - View 2

Bathroom - View 1

Bathroom - View 2

Bedroom 1 - View 1

Bedroom 1 - View 2   

Deck L2 - View 1

Stairwell - View 1

Hallway L3 - View 1

Office - View 1              

Master Bedroom - View 1

Master Bedroom - View 2

Master Bathroom - View 1

Master Bathroom - View 2

Master Closet - View 1

Deck L3 - View 1   


Front Yard - View 2- After Dark

Backyard - View 1 - After Dark

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