Community Center (Conceptual)

Designed as purely a community center. This circular structure is divided into a series of meeting/classrooms. Public restrooms and changing rooms are also included.

The center of the first floor is hollow and filled in to form a contained outdoor ceremonial area. This allows for the outdoor environment essential to many Earth-based spirituality rituals, while still providing privacy from unwanted gawkers.

Outside, View 1.5

Outside, View 6.0

Outside, View 3.0

Outside, View 4.0

Outside, View 6.1 

Lobby, View 1.1

Lobby, View 2.0

Lobby, View 3.0

Hallway, View 1.0

Meeting Room 1, View 1.1

Meeting Room 3 & 4, View 1.0 

Raised Courtyard, View 2.0

Raised Courtyard, View 1.0

Outside, View 2.3      

Raised Courtyard, View 1.1 

Raised Courtyard, View 2.1

Outside, View 5.1

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