Hidden Master

As I have become more involved in architectural design, I seem to have stumbled across a small niche market. I have been approached by a number of people asking me to design homes with “adult play area” discreetly folded into the design.

This is one of my early attempts at this idea. It actually features a master suite that is in the basement. The entrance to which is hidden behind two different hidden doors (one of which leads directly to the exterior of the house).

Beyond this, three spacious bedrooms are on the second floor, as well as a large bathroom and access to a deck on top of the garage. A primary living space on the first floor, and includes a large kitchen, a dining room, and a large living room—part of which can be looked down into from a balcony on the second floor.

A roomy observation room on top of the roof giver a 360° view of the world around the house.


Exterior - Front Yard

Exterior - Driveway

Exterior - Backyard

Exterior - Secret Entrance

Exterior - Deck

Overhead - Cutaway - Basement

Overhead - Cutaway - First Floor

Overhead - Cutaway - Second Floor

Overhead - Cutaway - Third Floor

Overhead - After Dark

Exterior - Front Yard - After Dark

Exterior - Driveway - After Dark

Exterior - Backyard - After Dark

Exterior - Secret Entrance - After Dark

Exterior - Deck - After Dark

Observation Deck 2

Bathroom 1

Bedroom 1 - View 1

Bedroom 1 - View 2

Bedroom 2 - View 1          

Hallway 3-0 - Basement 1

Hallway 3-1 - Basement 1

Secret Bathroom 1

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